AI & Automation

What is it?

Co-Build is our way of contributing to the technology innovation by co-creating the products and platforms for the future.

A3Labs is a platform where we partner with entrepreneurs and organizations and build great products, platforms, and service offerings around AI, Automation, and Analytics. We consider ourselves as a co-building studio, to build amazing products in collaboration.

We follow a Business Evaluation & Analysis Procedure (BEAP) for evaluation and finalizing startups before we partner and co-build. 

Our vision is to build a portfolio of industry-transforming companies.

We work with entrepreneurs to work towards executing their idea to a product and grow them to a real company.

We are different from incubators and accelerators. In fact, we work with startup companies those who are part of various incubators and accelerators and help them in building the products by partnering with us. We also offer our technical expertise to corporates, helping them with the design and development of new products.

How we do it?

The concept behind A3 Labs is to provide a very hands-on, collaborative approach to venture building, which is different from an incubator or an accelerator. A typical incubator or accelerator works a bit different, they provide seed level investment, space, mentors, and about three months to develop a startup’s business road map. Our difference is that we have a deep commitment and vested stake in the idea. Instead of having the entrepreneur build the model or the company, we build it ourselves. We are a partner that helps make the idea a reality, while the entrepreneur continues to lead the company, operate it, and be vested in its success. We start by choosing the right entrepreneurs and executing a comprehensive process where we mitigate the risk without sacrificing creativity.

Analyze – We have a competitive vetting process to ensure that those that enter the co-building process have the dream that we can turn into a reality. The analyze phase validates the entrepreneur’s vision and our dedicated team works with them to ensure that their ideas can be put in action to ensure success. 

Co-build – Co-building is the core foundation of A3 Labs. Our passionate team of design, software and business developers and strategy personnel take things from the analyze phase into a co-building conceptualization phase to work hand in hand with the entrepreneurs to ensure that the vision and mission are carried out in tandem in a seamless and effective trajectory.

Scale – Our growth phase combines an acceleration and scaling process that ensures that your product is ready to grow and prosper. Once your product has gone through our co-build program, you are ready for the growth of your product to reach new heights and the pinnacle of success. We consider this not the end of your product lifecycle, but the beginning. You may be exiting our program’s lifecycle, but with the skills and expertise and strategic planning and initiatives that were implemented your product’s lifecycle is ready to soar.